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2. Folding Recumbent Design Contest

In April 2004 at the Special Bike Fair Germersheim "SPEZI 2004" a Folding Recumbent Design Contest will once again take place. All designers of foldable or separable recumbents and semi-recumbents may participate - one-offs, conversions, prototypes or production machines.


Place and time: Saturday 24th April 2004, 3 PM, Hall 3 (foyer)
Competitors and jurors meet at 11:30 AM at the same location

Unlike the first contest in 2002, where focus was on suitability for travelling, this time the essential virtues of folding bikes will be stressed:

• easy, fast folding and unfolding action
• small package size when folded
• low weight
• easy to carry

... and all combined with good ride quality. The overall theme is suitability for riding and use on public transport, not for long distance touring.

The 2004 contest gives special emphasis to folding concepts and their execution. So we will not judge whether or not a bike conforms to any government regulations, and we will not judge its luggage capacity. But it should be possible in principle to mount adequate accessories such as brakes, light, racks.

The 2. Folding Recumbent Contest is jointly organized by Birdy-Freunde, Die Bromptonauten and the German HPV association. Arndt Last, vice president of the German HPV association, agreed to become patron.


Course of events:

Competitors and jurors will meet at 11:30 to carry out evaluation against the judging criteria. Bikes will be examined, measured and pictures will be taken. Although it's open to the public, this part of the competition is not intended as a public show.

From 3 PM onwards the bikes will be presented to the public (folded and unfolded) and the measurement results will be reported. The audience may vote per applause. Afterwards the audience's and the jurors' voting results will be announced (the jurors' votes are decisive).

About 4 or 5 PM the presentation ceremony will take place.

Christoph Waas has kindly volunteered to act as master of ceremonies.

Translation courtesy of Peter Eland